About the Poindo Foundation

When I was a child I was always waiting for the moment where I grow old enough and my parents close the curtains, dim the lights and begin telling me how the universe works, where we are coming from and where we will go. Even though they taught me a great deal of things, this explanation I did not receive. What they did teach me though was to always seek truth. Don’t believe stories, find answers.

About 20 years ago we started a website that was called SpiritProject. It was about anything spiritual. From complex topics to light entertainment, from Mudras to Tarot, from water with memory to reading coffee grounds, we covered it all. This site is currently under restauration.

In November 2015 I experienced something that changed my life. I had my first deep spiritual revelation. In a flash of light I had been given information from seemingly nowhere. I remember that I took my iPad and began to create a mindmap with all information that came to my mind, ending up with a complex map about time and space, energies in the cosmos and more. In the beginning much seemed very foreign to me, until I began to meditate more. I had been “given” ways to meditate previously unknown to me, as well as yoga techniques which I began to exercise. Soon the occurrences became more commonplace and a larger picture emerged. Creation is amazing, complex and mystical in many aspects. Before I believed that energy healing "may" be a real thing if you believe in it (placebo effect) I now know from inner experience that it is not only very real, but also very scientific. Everything in existence is energy. All energy is consciousness, indeed consciousness is all that is in existence. Intelligence that can create every and anything across space and time. Slowly I began to realize that we as people are able to co-create with our mind. Intention and perception create reality and all energies are intertwined. If I eat something bad, it will cause vibrational distortions in my energies that will influence others around me. Thus, bad experiences in the world reverberate across the planet and influence all of us. The goal of the Poindo Foundation is to research consciousness and to provide a search engine that helps to find practitioners and businesses that practice something I call applied consciousness. Knowing of their impact on the world at large and acting accordingly. They heal others, they provide vegan foods, they write spiritual and wonderful articles or create products that are new and exciting while making the world a better place: Let's discover our conscious world together.

Nikolai Manek

Manek Media/Poindo Foundation
Ferdinandstrasse 12
20095 Hamburg/Germany