Instant Stress Reducer - Loving Kindness

Here is a great quick meditation that not only feels amazing, but also reduces your stress levels within minutes while making those around you feel great as well. It sounds promising? The meditation is loosely based on ancient Buddhist traditions to increase the personal benevolence and foster basic goodness in a human being.

It is said to improve sleep quality and overall health as well as reduces stress levels with every application. I recommend to spend a few minutes every day - It will pay off.

Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Now imagine a person that loves you sitting or standing to your left. Imagine how this person sends you wishes of safety, happiness and well- being. Enjoy the feeling of being loved like this. Now imagine another person to your right sending you wishes of health and love. Feel the warmth it gives you.

Now imagine someone who loves you in front of you and behind you. They too send you their love and wishes of happiness, love and health. Now you can imagine that more and more join of whom you know that love you and they all send their warmth to you. Bask in this feeling. After a while of practice you will experience overwhelming feelings of love towards you.

Focus on the first imagined person to your right and silently repeat the following:

"Just as you wish for me, please always be happy, healthy and blissful"

Then think the same for the person to the left and repeat:

"Just as you wish for me, please be always be happy, healthy and blissful"

Now expand this wish to everyone surrounding you and expand it further to all people coming to your mind. Try to even include "enemies" of you. Send all of them your love and good wishes.

All of the above should not take longer than 10 minutes and will improve your overall well-being.

To remember:

  1. Imagine people that send you loving wishes
  2. Send loving wishes back to them
  3. Send loving wishes everywhere

Simple and very efficient. You will never know if you don't try...